Why can’t we just do nothing!

Why can’t we ever just do nothing?

It is always something

Even laid up on the couch watching a movie

Someone is moving




Why can’t we ever just do nothing?

On a Monday morning before the hustle 

can’t we sit still and leave the leaves to rustle

Can’t we just drink our tea


Without reheating it constantly

Can’t we ever just stop

And sit

Why does someone always need to shit

At the most inopportune time

Why is it so hard to just unwind

With wine

Without someone knocking it over

And then the moment is lost

And the stain is a reminder that this is not the end

We have years and years of moving limbs that do not want to bend 

and I’m supposed to say

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Just to reassure you

That I’m not a bad mum

And that I love my kids to death

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love a quiet morning in bed 

or an afternoon under a tree

just me

I’d even be willing to share it with you 

with all four of you 

hell the whole household including the dog

But only if you promise to lay still like logs 

no jumping like frogs 

no pinching each other 

don’t ask me for water or snacks or a pillow

just be still


Wouldn’t that be something?


Why can’t we ever just do nothing?


T x

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