All I know so far…

Hi. Guess what, I’m just trying to be #allthethings, like every other woman out there.

This blog is simply an online version of my mind exercising its interest in creative writing. Yes, I’m creatively writing about everything that I’m navigating. I’m trying to connect.

I am a woman, wife, mother, author, student and all-round human with an unmeasurable desire for drinking wine. I’m a book club entrepreneur (basically I just want there to be book clubs everywhere), and enjoy speaking at a variety of events about #allthethings.

I have been published in multiple online and print literary journals as well as being the proud author of SHE: A collection of you, me, her. SHE, was released in April 2020 (during the C-word), but released nonetheless. A beautiful female inspired coffee table book for all women.

Most of my work is published on my facebook page which you can access via the link. I hope you find something in my words. You may relate, hate, laugh or cry, as long as you feel something. Because when it comes to being a writer, it is better to have your words exude some feeling (even if it’s negative) than no feeling at all.

Happy reading.

T x

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