Feel The Heat

She lays awake all night with a baby burning up in her arms.

She sleeps in the shower with a hot coffee in her hands.

She runs along hot coals in the race to beat the clock.

She is on fire.


She always served herself the crust; that flimsy last piece of the loaf, thinned at the edges, a hole poked through the middle from roughhousing. She watched her children tear into the warm abundant toast, crumbs spluttering from their tiny chewing mouths, eating from the inside out, nothing but the firm edges that once framed their breakfast left lying on the plate; the crust. Meanwhile her piece disintegrated before even reaching her tongue, dry remnants replicating the same sustenance as last nights sleep.



She bustles effortlessly throughout the kitchen loading her pre-prepared toddler meal in the microwave while her newborn lies across her chest; swaddled in her left arm, asleep, nipple splayed openly under the baby’s chin while two glasses of wine swaddle themselves under the mothers belt.

It was all one motion, one scene.

Perhaps it was all one act.




Love – The Valentine Edition

He dips her in chocolate: She is his strawberry.

He sips her from a long stemmed glass: She is his champagne.

He gives her space to watch her grow: She is his garden.

He risks it all: She is his heart.

Sucker For Punishment

She waddles through an empty hallway, taking in the silence before the storm. She tries to embrace the solitude knowing full well it will be the last time she hears herself think or thinks of herself, perhaps forever. She sips her tea, warm in her hands and saviors the heat, will this be the last time she drinks a warm drink before it turns cold. She pees with the door unlocked, not expecting another little person to desperately need to be in that same specific space. She calls a friend, for one last uninterrupted conversation.

She laughs, at how she’ll probably do it all over again.





A Day In The Life Of…….

I didn’t start my day with sun salutations and blessing the world for another day.

I didn’t count back from five and shoot myself out of bed like a rocket ready to take the day by storm.

I didn’t drink a glass of cold water to kick-start my digestive system and shake my body alive.


But I did insist on a morning kiss and cuddle from my son, a must I never waiver.

I did let him try coco pops for the first time in an effort to distract him from wanting Jam on toast. (Sugar swap)

I did get on my hands and knees, pregnant belly bumping the floor, as I wiped up spilt milk covering the couch and floor.

I did add extra milo to my milk.


I probably won’t fold the laundry today.

I probably won’t empty the dishwasher.

I probably won’t prepare dinner.

I probably won’t talk to another adult today.


I probably will nap after lunch while my son watches his Ipad.

I probably will make some excuse as to why we can’t go to the park.

I probably will use Facebook to stay connected to a world of lies, misery and misfortune.

I probably will use my heavy belly as an excuse for all of the above.


I know, that I will do this all again tomorrow. Some parts better than others.

A ‘did not’ might become a ‘did’ and a ‘probably not’ might border on ‘maybe I will’.


In The Air

The clouds rolled in like a silk dressing gown being draped along her shoulders. The grey blending in and taking over the blue, tiny drops of water dressing the air like pearls along her neckline. Leaning out the window watching the day change colour as if taking hours away and turning day to night, she leaned out further, to feel the breeze sweep through and remind her that nothing stays the same.