She always served herself the crust; that flimsy last piece of the loaf, thinned at the edges, a hole poked through the middle from roughhousing. She watched her children tear into the warm abundant toast, crumbs spluttering from their tiny chewing mouths, eating from the inside out, nothing but the firm edges that once framed their breakfast left lying on the plate; the crust. Meanwhile her piece disintegrated before even reaching her tongue, dry remnants replicating the same sustenance as last nights sleep.


A little spot in Venice Beach

How many lips, she wondered, had sipped from her coffee cup before her? How many eyes had looked for comfort at the bottom of the cup, through cold clouds of foam? How many hands had been warmed on the curves of the early morning brew, held in close to the chest, steam rising from the roast.

She found comfort in the story of her mug.

One last sip: leaving her kiss on the edge for its next soul.

Pirate Treasure

We watched Mermaids on the horizon; shimmers of scales lifted by the light of the sunrise. We whispered wishes to each other, sailed them out to sea on the seam of a breeze, new treasures for our kin to keep safe. The sun met the blue and tails became ripples, our wishes adding gold to the horizon.



This week I start my journey as a part time university student. I say part time so that no one is under any impression that I’ve got four arms, four eyes, a nanny or even that amazing time travel device, the Time –turner, that Hermione is gifted in Harry Potter. I am still an Anthropoid, a higher primate, but not the good one, just the human one; two eyes, two arms, two legs, no nanny, no time turner and only one “full” day to study.  I use the term “full” loosely as I do not spend my study day alone. My day starts with taking my toddler to daycare where after seven days since his last daycare day, is in much need of friends his own age that don’t cringe every time he says, “wee wee, poo poo, bum bum”, five thousand times a day (insert eye roll here). I then grab my weekly coffee and go home to settle my baby girl in for her morning nap and prepare my study space…the kitchen table. At best I will be able to study for approximately eight hours, which is only two thirds of the recommended study time. Luckily for me, my baby girl and her peaceful disposition allow me as much time as they possibly can in between feeding, playing, cuddling and nappy changes. Thankfully I’ve no interest in the sciences, mathematics, economics or any other subject that requires the type of brain capacity that I’m pretty sure my children have stolen from me. I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study something simply for the fun of it and not because I need to build a required skill set for any particular job; for this I am grateful. I’ve been that person, studying to work towards better jobs or positions and I never ever enjoyed it. But that’s just me.

However, today is the day before study day; some people might even call it Monday. Being a studying stay at home mum (that’s a mouthful) means conducting a suitable enough general tidy of the whole house so that nothing, not even something as tempting as dirty dishes can lead to procrastination, and procrastination just loves to sink its teeth into the time of every wannabe writer.

Nevertheless I’ve taken time out from said tidy up to have a nice long shower, wash my hair, apply a hydrating face mask and write while the baby sleeps and the toddler is gifted the wonderful Ipad to babysit him.

Tomorrow, I may still be bitten ever so slightly by procrastination but at least my hair will smell nice and my skin won’t be thirsty.

Fly In My Wine will be along for the journey, as it remains my creative space and an outlet for the musings and mumblings of every day life. No doubt the creative juices will be flowing as I try to blend into the creative community with the other Bachelor of the Arts students, disguised of course as a writer.

Here we go.


By Any Other Name

She didn’t usually drink Rosé, but since received as a gift, she poured two glasses. Holding them up to the sun and peering through the luminescent liquid she finally understood what it meant to see the world through rose coloured glasses.


Dark Magic

How quickly insecurity can take lead, take rank, take precedence, and all the other synonyms meaning front row and centre! It’s almost dark magic, the way confidence can be there one minute and gone the next, and by gone I mean stolen from you by a reigning cult leader that has permeated the very insides of your soul for years beyond your existence and lain dormant only to strike quickly and fiercely like a snake to a mouse; devoured.