Twelve ‘O’Clock Somewhere

She didn’t need a clock to know the time. She could tell by the piles of folded washing, the amount of toys covering the floor and her toddlers resistance to everything, that is was undoubtedly wine time.


She bustles effortlessly throughout the kitchen loading her pre-prepared toddler meal in the microwave while her newborn lies across her chest; swaddled in her left arm, asleep, nipple splayed openly under the baby’s chin while two glasses of wine swaddle themselves under the mothers belt.

It was all one motion, one scene.

Perhaps it was all one act.




Till Dawn

They swaddled her in the pastels of dusk, eyes falling with the rising of the moon. Her slumber so sweet; Sugar crystals formed on her eyelashes. Sealed with a kiss, on peach coloured lips, she was all but wrapped in a bow.


Do Da day

I left her little love notes, for when she could not hear me.

I played her favorite love songs, for when she could not read me.

I wore her favorite perfume, to accentuate every memory.

I kissed her oh so sweetly, so she would never forget me.

Love – The Valentine Edition

He dips her in chocolate: She is his strawberry.

He sips her from a long stemmed glass: She is his champagne.

He gives her space to watch her grow: She is his garden.

He risks it all: She is his heart.