Never too average to tick boxes

Pic 1: Me being completely fucking average. Spending hours trying to work out how to use my fancy new colour label printer because I refuse to send out my book with handwritten addresses.

This is also me trying to organise party packs for my virtual book launch.

And again, this is me trying to watch tutorials on how to apply mascara, for a book shoot I’m doing tomorrow. I know what you’re thinking, books don’t wear mascara. It’s for this reason that I found the tutorials rather confusing. 🙄

This pic is me trying to learn #allthethings

because guess what, I’m not a tech wiz. I’m not an event planner. I own a handful of makeup from 2020, that I’m not confidant in applying (for health reasons 🤦🏽‍♀️).

I’m just a really normal person 🤷🏽‍♀️.

Pic 2: This is my husband who strolled through the door to ask how I was going. I started off positive. I told him I’d organised the book launch party boxes, and I’d worked out how to connect the printer to WiFi on both my phone and computer. (Ticking boxes)💪🏽

BUT…I confessed, I’d been staring at the screen blankly for sometime, trying to work out the export/import of addresses from computer to printer.

Adrian knelt down beside me, and within 20 seconds, nailed it. We laughed and laughed about how I’d been suffering in pathetic anxiety and he always manages to swoop in and fix shit. We literally laughed.

But you know what he said after?

He said, “You did a lot of work setting all this up, good job”.🙊

I’m a sucker for positive reinforcement. 😏

I over analyze.

I over complicate.

I stress first, achieve after.

I get ahead of myself.

I walk the earth pretty sure that everything is really frickin hard.

The more I acheive, the more I want people to know how completely average I am. So that the other humans in this world, that feel so incredibly average, can know that they too can achieve great things. We need help sometimes, every human does.

I look at my idols and I think, wow I could never do that. Actually I think it about everything. But next thing you know, I’m finishing a book, I’m getting it published, I’m organising a book launch, I’m connecting new devices to my WiFi (lol); I’m getting shit done one task at a time, and not by myself. Instead, with the support of my husband, and with the support of spectacular (completely un -average) humans that I get to call my friends. 😍

Tomorrow I’m learning how to apply eye-liner. Watch this space for horrific eye injury photos.

T x

P.s my new book just launched. 😍

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