Post publication day

I would have liked to post this picture and these words yesterday, for yet another celebratory moment, the publication day.

Alas, life got in the way. One of the downfalls of being #allthethings

Nevertheless, the day happened. It came, it went, and on the other side of it, I’m officially an author ( yay me).

Yesterday, when I woke to a little pre-celebration hangover, my husband leaned in and said, “you did it”, and I smiled into my bedsheets.

To tell you in a word what I was feeling, it was closure. I could exhale.

I had a real sense of closure, and off of that, a feeling of excitement. My book is out into the world. There it will stay. That is what books do. SHE, in particular, is a timeless theme representing women and our ever-accumulating roles; that truth isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I let the feeling of closure bring me peace.

Lately, I’ve been reminded of what Elizabeth Gilbert talks about in her book Big Magic (a personal fave of mine). Liz (we’re on a first-name basis, in my mind) talks about ideas being magical and them landing on your shoulder as if to say, ‘hey, I’m here, for you, let’s create something beautiful.’ However, if you do not acknowledge the idea, the magic, if you don’t use it, it will find the shoulder of someone who is ready to take the leap and turn the magic into that next great book, or painting, or invention.

My shoulders have been carrying long inspired magic for some time. Now with SHE completed, I can lean into the magic; I can lend my creative soul to my next big creative adventure.

I’m not sure what the other authors who have recently published their first books are doing and feeling. After publication day is when the real marketing kicks off and there is a lot of work (for some) in the way of shipping and signing and figuring out how it all works (im still in the figuring it out stage).

I want to see SHE travel the world.

But I’m ready to feel the new magic too.

I’m reading to hear the whispers of the magic on my shoulder, invite it into my life wholly, and bring more joy to my world.

Maybe your world too?

Happy “post” publication day.

Thank you for the love

T x

Photo credit: Hayley O’Connor

Bubbles: Bird in hand (delicious, lol)

Book: SHE: A collection of you, me, her

Publisher: the kind press

Get yours now with worldwide shipping at

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