I chose sequins

So, some of you might remember a post I did recently about the lack of spots and sequins in my life. I made a last minute goal to see 2019 out and 2020 in, wearing sequins. 🙊

We just got home from a 6 hour drive, I’ve raced in and dressed up (sort of), for a big night in my living room on the couch.

My fave shirt, my diamond hoops, mum bun and DA DA DADAAA, my sequined hot pants (eat your heart out Kylie Minogue). 🤣

Thanks Buckaroo Boutique for helping me reach my goal of broadening my wardrobe horizons and helping me to stand into my true self…the one that rocks sequin hot pants.

2020 looks shiny already. 💪🏽😍🌟

T x

Ps post a pic in the comments if you’re sparkly or spotty this NYE 😘

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