Book Review – The Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook

I thought I’d try and sneak in one more read before the year-end. The Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook was gifted to me by my mum (surprise, surprise) last Christmas (2018) and she herself just read it, enjoyed it, therefore basically confirming that I too would enjoy it. I gave myself until the 1st of January to finish it, and I knocked it over on the car ride home from our Christmas holiday road trip on New Year’s Eve (brag).

One other member of my three-member book club (we shall call her Candace…because that’s her name) took on the last minute book challenge with me. She smashed it and whilst I thought she had lost interest early in the peace, the ending brought her back around and we each gave a score of 3.5 /5. I’m not entirely sure what our scorecard includes (I’m not sure we’ve ever scored a book like this), but we did this time, and I think it’s a fair and worthy score.

Crook tells a tale of a young girl who is mauled by a Panther (yes, the animal) but survives due to the brave and fatal act of her mother. An adventure unfolds with the unlikeliest of characters in search of revenge.

You will discover unwavering stubbornness from Samantha, a girl who knows her purpose. And you will smile, maybe even laugh a little at the obligatory sibling responsibility put upon Benjamin as he tries to persuade Samantha, over and over again, to give up, so that he might save himself, sometimes even her.

The Which Way Tree is written in the first person (my favourite) and reminds me a lot of a Quentin Tarantino style movie, as agreed by Candace. Such a clever writer is Crook in that you find yourself speaking in your mind as an uneducated Texan boy, orphaned out bush with a half-sister that carries the scar of Panther claw marks across her face. You travel on the adventure with the characters.

I will say that at times I felt a little like it was losing its pace, but the last two chapters and especially the last five pages sped up almost too fast that the closure the book was offering, was giving me the type of anxiety you get when you just aren’t ready for something to be over (give a girl an epilogue for books sake).

I recommend The Which Way Tree by Elizabeth Crook purely for the adventure. It is a bonus, however, that it is not your regular chic lit and you will have broadened your horizons by adding this one to your booklist for 2020.

Have you read this book yet?

What would you score it?

T x

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