I’ll try not to bore you with the details on how to love me (because you are already so good at it).

But I have got a few tips on how you can support me: your wine drinking, hilarious, and extremely good-looking author friend.

1. Leave a review. Go on. It takes two seconds. Leaving a review on goodreads helps my book to get seen. Even a book as pretty as SHE, needs a little help sometimes.

2. Be apart of the conversation. Leaving comments or asking questions on blogs such as those published on Mamamiaaus (for example), helps to boost engagement, it shows the popularity and necessity of the topic, and it gives others the opportunity to be apart of a bigger conversation. Think of all the introverts that are desperate to engage. It’s easy. Just type the article name into the Mamamia search bar, and then comment on the blogs I’ve written. EASY.

3. Regularly comment on our social media posts and tag friends and family that you think would be interested

4. Write a strong-worded letter to Elizabeth Gilbert or Rupi Kaur and tell them to praise my book. They know they want to, they just don’t know it yet. They are waiting for your letters.

It’s not about ego. This type of support helps our craft, the thing we love to do, reach more engagement and opens up further opportunities for us as writers, authors, bloggers, poets, guest podcast wannabe’s (who? Me? Whaaaat?)

Go forth.

Support your fellow author friend.

Thanking you in advance.T x

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