What does a Super mum look like exactly?

Does she wear an actual cape?

Does she have supernatural power?

I ask because, and I don’t like to brag, but I can hire, make, get a cape pretty easily and I can also pillow fight my son (quite aggressively) without spilling a single sip of wine. Sooo… who or what is a super mum?

Is she better than me? I doubt it.

Can she love my children better than me? Strong no.

Is it a food thing? It’s a food thing, isn’t it? Damn it.

Well sure, I’m no Betty Crocker in the kitchen and sure, I’ve sent my kids to school with a few mouldy sandwiches (who hasn’t, am I right. Ha) but they are fed nonetheless.


From what I’ve read in the Oxford dictionary (a bit of light reading), it appears the Oxfords have spotted a woman in a kitchen, wearing an unsoiled apron, hip holding a baby, pouring daddy dearest a nice frothy beer and running a full-time business. Wow, she does sound pretty super. So if you’re not doing all that, if you’re not being “super”, then what are you being?

You are being The Only Mum (da da Da DAAA!)

You are the only mum that can do everything your children need.

You are the only mum that can apply the washcloth to your darling’s forehead just the right way.

You are the only mum your children will believe when you tell them their picture looks great and their poetry is beautiful.

You are the only mum that will know your children before they will ever truly know themselves.

You are the only mum your children want and need.

You are the only mum your children will declare to hate (but it will be fierce hate that they could never possibly feel as strongly for anybody else. Does that make you feel better about that one?).

On the flip side, (I know you saw this coming), you are the only mum they will ever love the way they love you.

We may not all work full-time ‘paid’ jobs or be master chefs but we are our children’s only mothers.

No dictionary can define us.

And honestly, capes are impractical.







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