If I don’t say so myself

Today I am the epitome of Fly In My Wine.

The Mother – child one at daycare getting a well-rounded education (calling his friends wee wee and poo poo), Child two fed and alive.

The Homemaker – (I jest! I’ve never made a home) perhaps house slave? I don’t like the term housewife because I did not marry a house, and while my husband may have many layers and stands tall, he is not a house. I am sure of this. I digress. I’ll stick with house slave; it has a real “Dobby the House Elf” effect, without the cuteness. I digress, again. My point is, grocery shopping done and laundry finished, pending folding, pending putting away, therefore basically, pretty much, one bottle of red away from being complete.

The Student – one assignment away from completing my first unit and smashed out two weeks of study in one day. (This is taking a narcissistic turn, I see that. I’m ok with it.)

The Drinker – usually my favourite role of all. In all honesty, the household has been taking it easy on the Vino’s (my husband and I that is. Obviously the children don’t deserve the fruits of our labour. By fruit I mean grapes. By grapes I mean wine. They are not allowed wine.) But today, since I’m obviously killing it at life, I’m celebrating with my longtime love, Cabernet Sauvignon, I call him Cab Sav for short, cause we’re tight.

The Writer – today I wrote a bunch of stuff, and look, I wrote this too. The Writer is my most desired role, the one I wish I could drown my time in. The one I wish I could stay up late with, wake up early with, nap during the day with, but alas if I put the Writer first, something else must then be sacrificed (actually I could probably ditch House slave?).

My point is it’s important to acknowledge the days when you feel exceptionally “on it”. For those are the days you can draw on when you feel as though you’ve not hit that mark or you’ve let a few (no doubt unimportant) things slide. You can dig into the overflowing well of awesomeness that you are, pick yourself up (and your kids, and the toys, the clothes, the avocado that’s dried to the floor from last nights dinner and most likely your general lack of desire to exist) and move on!

Cheers to that!


P.S I forgot Wife -I kissed my husband before he left for work this morning and I’m even considering cooking dinner tonight. “Considering”. Lets not over do it.

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