Book review – Outlawed by Anna North

💣Warning: no baby was harmed in the taking of this photo and this is not a reflection of my feelings toward the book. 😂

I’ll try to reign in my baby brain in an effort to review my first read of the year, Outlawed by #AnnaNorth. #nospoilers

A solid story. An interesting adventure in an alternate timeline set in the 1830’s. The story kicked off straight away which won me instantly as the main character Ada is banished from her home for being Barron. Strict fertility laws and superstitious townsfolk force Ada to join a gang made up of people that have found themselves in a similar situation.

North has created harsh back stories that make you angry at the naivety of people and I had to often remind myself that this is just a story…(but is it? It’s a pretty crazy time we are living in right now 🤯)

I think my favourite parts of the book are where the author has used logic to question religion without judgement. Very clever.

Outlawed reminds me a lot of The which way tree by Elizabeth crook, a book I really enjoyed: adventurous and original its story.

My copy of the book looks like it’s been dragged through the mud. The mud that is my life right now with a baby. It’s been shoved in baby bags, Prams, my hug-a-bub, and behind couch cushions in an effort to get it finished. We’ve been on our own adventure together. I love the cover of the book and look forward to seeing its tattered self on my bookshelf.

Have you read Outlawed?

What was your first read for 2021?

T x

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