Book Review – The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth

Just because I’m passionate about building book clubs for women, doesn’t mean I get to attend them. (Sad face).

Today is the #fimwbookclub ,The Roxby Chapter, first meet of the year and they are discussing The good sister by #sallyhepworth

Since I no longer live in Roxby Downs, I’m having a book club party for one. 🍸

Here’s a mini review based on my experience with this month’s book.


Hepworth wastes no time in getting the story going in the The Good Sister. Written in first person by the two main characters, twin sisters Rose and Fern, the diary entries weave through past and present.

Surrounding the plot of Fern deciding to try and fall pregnant and have a baby for her sister Rose who is unable to conceive, love is found and truths unfold.

The good sister is a great book to start the year off as it is an easy and intriguing read.

If you like authors such as Liane Moriarty then this is the book for you.

Have you read The good sister? What did you think?

I’m rating it a 4/5. 🍷🍷🍷🍷

T x

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