Not Twins!

This week I was asked a very serious question, Are you having twins? 😳

I did not know this woman.

I had never met her before.

And in case you are wondering, no, I am not having twins.

I’m 25 weeks pregnant.

I’m growing a baby the only way I know how, outwards.

When I was pregnant with my first, I had nothing to compare my big tummy to. I just assumed my belly size was normal (which it was) and I was just really shocked at how blunt people were, how quick they were to make assumptions.

Pregnancy #2 it was clear to me that big, is how I was made to carry my small babies. I do not have big babies. I just carry big. Or do I? Perhaps I carry my babies just the way I should, just the way my body sees fit.

Now here we are, almost 26 wks pregnant with #3 and he is all out front. Just like his siblings. The comments I get from people make me laugh. I don’t feel judged or shamed. I still feel a little surprised that people say the things they say, but I assume it never comes from a negative place.

I love my big, Moby dick shaped pregnant belly. I love the firmness and its extroverted aura gaining attention wherever we go. I love that it’s mine, and I don’t have to share it with anyone.

But it’s not twins.

There’s only one little boy in this belly. And he’s making the most of the space I’m offering.

Embrace your belly, big or small. Because it’s yours, and only you can create the perfect space for your baby. Only you. 🤰🏽😍

T x

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