I’m not for everyone.

💣I’m not for everyone.


That would be far too many people to entertain (regardless of how naturally hilarious I am).😏

If anything I’d say I attract a small crowd.

The more into my thirties I get (because if you don’t already know, your thirties is an extremely awakening decade) I become far less concerned about what people think of me.

I am however, becoming far more interested in what I think of me: Am I living up to my own expectations? What even are my expectations? Am I kind? (My mum says it’s very important to be kind and I’m now wondering if she tells me that all the time as a hint because maybe I’m not?? Mum? Is this true?)

I digress. Am I motivated? Am I pushing myself enough? Am I giving? (I do share my wine).

The big lesson I’m discovering in my thirties is that the more I work on being the best version of myself, of opening up to change and new experiences, to being more vulnerable; in turn, I’m becoming surrounded by the tribe that I am for.

The tribe that is also for me.

It’s so much easier to please a small crowd with your true self, than a large audience with a fake show.

T x

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