Not quite to plan…

I could tell you that my very first book release hasn’t gone quite to plan.

But in all honestly, I didn’t have a plan (except for wine. There was always going to be wine).

I’ve been so busy with life that I’m not entirely sure I ever really stopped to envision exactly how I would like this day, this moment, to go.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have imagined that I’d be doing a mad dash to Adelaide because my daughter burned her hand on the treadmill (not the athlete we’d hoped for obviously).

I wouldn’t have imagined that on the day of my book release, we would find out that my Hazelnut Snowflake would need skin graft surgery, almost immediately.

But here we are.

When I found out today that Hazel would need surgery, my first thought was, work (I’ll be honest). I started to feel an all body rash taking over as I started setting up my work computer and then fiddling with Wi-Fi and then wondering how the hell I’m going to do my full time job while I’m at the hospital for Hazel or looking after my son, as hubby and I dash around each other.

But here’s the thing, the moment I spoke to my workplace, the anxiety was gone. No plans were required. The priority is family. It makes such a difference to work for a business that is family friendly. Sometimes shit happens, and the last thing we need is the stress of feeling like you’ve let down the team.

The morning has been a whirlwind of highs and lows. From seeing my book be released to the world, to rushing around in my pajamas trying to entertain my son, to worrying about Hazel, to receiving love and support from friends and family.

I’m not going to lie…I’m bloody thirsty.

This has been thirsty work.

I think if there ever were a plan, it would have involved me walking into my mum’s bookstore, with my book in hand, and passing it to my mum, in person. She would probably cry. I would probably feel weird about her crying and then pat her awkwardly on the back saying,  “There, there”, which would make her start laughing.

I would have preferred that version of events. But alas, such is life and I shall await the opportunity sometime in the future to make my mum cry/laugh (she’s an easy target).

And the publishing journey is nowhere near finished. We still have publication date coming up on the 22nd, which is when I can send all the books out for shipping. The 22nd is when my books will also be available to be purchased from book and gift stores. And lets not forget the virtual book launch PAR-TAY.

Available to purchase at

But first…wine.

Thanks for the love everyone.

And remember, family first. Times are hard for everyone and sometimes we need to scale back so that we can push forward.

T x

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