Nearly there…

🥂 2 days to go🥂

It might seem to you like all you’re hearing is SHE, SHE, SHE, my book, my book, my book. (#sorrynotsorry)

But in my world, the journey, the excitement, the writing in general, is actually the thing I get to do the least. It sits way back behind having to work my normal job, be a wife, and especially be a mum.

This morning I woke up ready to take on week 4 of isolation with a whole new outlook. I went for a run on the treadmill, I listened to a wicked episode on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons Podcast. I finished my run feeling empowered.

I promised my son a turn on the treadmill, and briefly left the room to get a drink of water and turn on my work computer. That’s when my baby girl Hazel, touched the treadmill and ended up burning all the skin on her hand, right off. (#mumfail).

The four of us spent the morning in hospital as Hazel had her hand bandaged up. Tomorrow we drive 6 hours to Adelaide to find out if she needs surgery. (Stess mode)

Then it was midday, and I’m sorting through work emails, rearranging and replanning my work schedule. (Work mode)

Then my publisher called and I was reminded that we are only two days away from releasing my book to the world. (Author mode)

Every moment you see a post about my book, or a blog I’ve written, or a poem I’ve purged; you are seeing the result of the thirty seconds I stole for my hobby, for myself.

It’s my attempt at being #allthethings

I slip in and out of a multitude of roles throughout the day, week, my entire lifetime.

SHE: A collection of you, me, her, is a poetic glimpse of just four of the transformative roles women embody and journey through.

I can guarantee that by the time Wednesday rolls around, and my first book is released to the world, I’ll have earned more than one glass of champagne, for more than a hundred reasons.

But in this second, I’m celebrating!

🍾 2 days to go.🍾

T x

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