Help Wanted..Nowish.

Ok. So not that long ago I was reaching out to you all for help. Do you remember? (The post was literally titled “HELP REQUESTED”)

I was preparing for an author photo shoot and I asked you to help me decide on a look, a style. A lot of you were really big on the Prince look, but I chose to believe you are as sarcastic as I am and that you were having a laugh. (I couldn’t quite nail the fro).

Well I’m back for more help; because I’m needy like that. Also, because I have found a lot of enjoyment throughout my publishing journey by involving you all (team work makes the dream work)..

So here’s the deal. I had to cancel the book launch because of social distancing. But that’s ok, it’s only my first ever book launch.

It’s only my first book.

My big moment.

Who wants to celebrate something like that in a beautiful art gallery space surrounded by their books pages and beautiful women sipping champagne and cheering you on? (take a breath)


Sounds gross.

So as a dedicated social distancer (that’s a word now, I’d know, I’m an author), I am ramping up to have a da, da, da, daaaa, virtual book launch.

But this is not a post begging you to tune in to my fb live launch (but do). This is about something far more important.

What do I wear?

What does one wear to a big event in their lounge room? I’m finding it really hard to get that part out of my head, the lavish loungewear attire; what even is that?

I’m going to try to create a space that doesn’t feel like you are tuning into my lounge room. However, I can’t stop imagining me, all dressed up, hair and makeup done by, oh shit, me (this is going down hill), strutting down my hallway and bam, I’m there, ready to roll as my kids stare up at me like, ‘mum, are you going out?’ ‘No, darling, I’m not bloody going out because if you haven’t bloody noticed I haven’t bloody gone out for three weeks, you know, because of the virus!’ (Geez, kids. I tell ya). Anyway.

I need help. What do you want to see? Do you want to see me dressed in my truth (please say yes because dressing like a homeless person is my jam and I’ve got a pair of ripped jeans and a flanno ready and waiting).

Or…my other truth: the woman inside of me that needs to get out a bit more. The one that secretly wants to wear more animal print head scarves…or any head scarves. The me that is pretty sure could nail some shoulder pads and a deep neckline (I’m not actually sure what that looks like. But I could nail it).

Bridal, formal, cocktail, street wear, active wear, don’t care? HELP.

Ideally a fashion designer or brand would reach out and offer to dress me, but they’ve probably already chosen their charities for the month. Bummer.

There are two sides to Tiare, if we are being honest. On the night, you are going to see a confident, don’t give a “F” ( my grandma could be reading this), exuberant, hilarious delight. But on the inside, I’ll be building up material for a long after show of post-social (virtually social) anxiety. I switch between the two so quickly. 

Nevertheless the show must go on and I want to celebrate with the women that build me up and have supported me. I want you to dress up too. And I need you to dress me!!! Help! (Have I said that already?).

Accepting all suggestions, pictures, advice, support and contact details of fashion gurus that pity fashion fearing souls like me. 

Thanking you in advance.  (Please don’t notify the fashion police).

T x

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