The juggle is real

Long showers; they were once my great escape.

They still are.

Except now I find myself putting the kids in the shower or the bath in the middle of the day; to calm them. To provide me a slither of an escape.

While the warm water soothes their under stimulated and over tired minds, I rest against the closed shower door and breathe.

That’s the trick; you have to remember to breathe.

But just the sound of running water and steam rising is the smallest reprieve from the first shift of the day.; the morning shift. The shift that now head on collides with my full time workload.

I’m in between emotions of loving being home with my babies, but feeling like I’m pushing shit up hill at work.

Tonight I’m going to have a long hot shower when everyone goes to bed, but then I’ll be heading straight to the study to catch up on all the work I couldn’t do during the day. The juggle is real.

The juggle is real.

How are you coping with the juggle?

What’s your great escape?

T x

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