The Mother

I wanted to start this week off by sharing with you, THE Mother; part three of my upcoming book, SHE: A collection of you, me, her.

The beginning of the week was Monday.

The thing is, I got sidetracked, by motherhood, (can you believe it?).

So here we are, at Friday.

A full week has gone by with me working from home with my two and five year old by my side. And by “by my side” I mean sitting at my desk and using my devices while I try to conduct business in a standing position with my work computer in my arms (insert face palm).

After journeying through the wanderer and the lover, we often find ourselves transforming into the mother. Currently, I am deeply entrenched in this particular role.

I live it and I love it.

I also think it is the most annoying job I’ve ever had.

No matter the circumstances, motherhood is all consuming. Some days it consumes your ability to hold back tears during the Kleenex commercial. Other times it consumes your ability to not throw the damn tissue box across the room and tell the kids to wipe their own snotty noses. (It’s a real mixed bag).

The mother role pulls out of you pieces that you didn’t even know made up parts of you. They are the hidden pieces like those you find under the coffee table years later and wonder, ‘where the hell did I even put that puzzle’.

This is not a role you grow out of, but rather one that you grow into, continuously. It connects deeply with the other transformative roles you gather along your journey as a woman, and it stays with you in every possible capacity.

In this chapter alone, you will see yourself many times, in different shades. You will remember twirling your finger around your belly button, and you will acknowledge the tears you’ve shed in the shower.

A transformative role a million times over, The Mother is a chapter of love, sacrifice and reality.

I can’t wait for you to see her.

T x

P.S SHE: A collection of you, me, her will go on sale as of the 8th of April. Stay tuned for more updates.

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