🤩 Publishing journey update 🥳

If you are wondering how the dreaded corona is affecting my publishing journey, well I appreciate that, but first world problems.

I mean, this book is currently a very big part of my world, so yeah, it’s kind of distressing, but it also feels a little selfish to be concerned about a book when there are people losing their lives.

I digress.

Corona is definitely having an effect on the book industry. Authors are cancelling their book launches and other related events. They are looking to social media to host live launches and the likes. Distribution and printing is a cause for concern.

For those of us that aren’t tech-savvy, we’re about to get a sink or swim guide to managing our business and boosting our books, online. Only online.

For first time authors like me, who are due to launch their book in the middle of a pandemic, we are going to put on our face masks, glove up, and be all up in your social media feeds like Harry and Meghan before the Corona.

It’s difficult not to feel a little dark about the circumstances, a little selfish and a little unsure about what to do. Do we carry on business as usual and release our books, and buy our gifts, and celebrate upcoming events like Mothers day?

I say yes.

Luckily, you don’t have to leave your home for the perfect mothers day gift this year: you’ll be able to purchase it online, from me. My book. SHE. (Like what I did there?)

I digress (again) from that sneaky pitch.

So as it stands, my publishing timeline is on track. Tomorrow I will receive the final proof for SHE: A collection of you, me, her. I should have started with that exciting news but I’m selfless like that (as you can tell).

Then it’s onto even more exciting stuff like finalising the website, designing my wicked banner (because every woman needs a banner) and the bookmarks for SHE.

Nobody has ever said no to a free bookmark (did I say free? SPOLIER!).

I can’t be bothered to be weighed down by the “what ifs”. SHE, will be entering the world and available to purchase online from the 8th April (unless the internet gets Corona. But that’s a “what if”).

Stay tuned. Stay scrubbed. Stay healthy.

T x

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