Does your side hustle bring you joy?

As semester one of Uni starts, it’s time for me to put the fiction novels away and bury my head in the text books.

I’ve read some amazing books during the Uni break, and managed to start a book club in Roxby Downs community.

I’ll be relying heavily on the FIMW book club members to keep me posted on all the great reads they pick up in between our monthly selections,of which I’ll still attempt to read. (One a month is manageable, surely 🤷🏽‍♀️).

For those of you that don’t know, I started my bachelor degree when Hazel was eight weeks old; I couldn’t wait any longer.

At this rate (studying one unit a semester), the world will have found a cure for Corona virus before I finish my degree. I soldier on regardless.

Studying with an eight week old, while on maternity leave was much easier than it is now. Trying to jam study in during the evenings (or 6am on a Sat morning like right now), is not the dream.

Working full time, raising my two favourite humans, sharing duties with my husband who is also studying, not to mention all our extra curricular’s like running and wine…is an absolute juggle.

Most times I’m not entirely sure I’m actually taking in any of the information I’m learning throughout the semester.

I continue to do this because I’m studying my joy; writing. Whilst I don’t love studying, writing is my hobby, my side hustle, my thing for me.

It is a challenge, but being #allthethings is always going to be a challenge. Trying to fill up every moment in this one life, with the things that fill our cups, is our greatest challenge of all.

I don’t always love the hustle, but I always love the end result.

Does your hustle bring you joy?

T x

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