For me, the wanderer stage was from approximately age 13 to… now… (damn it).

Ugh, The wanderer stage. The role formed by loose ground.

I honestly cannot say that it was my favourite transformative role. For me it was basically a time of wandering around my bank statement wondering where all my money went (wine. It went on wine).

It was transformative none the less. I left school with zero idea of what I wanted to do, or be, or where I should go. I had friends that went off travelling and I lived through their postcards of tropical summers in Thailand and snowy winters in Switzerland. I didn’t study because I was afraid of not having money (this in fact, did not prevent me from having no money. Shocker).

I wandered through relationships with bad boys instead of good men (the thrill was not that thrilling).

I finished school not knowing exactly what it was I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and so I started my adult life feeling like an absolute failure. The glamour of being an adult, in actual fact, looked like chipped paint on a car I couldn’t afford, hangovers, working gruelling hospitality hours and of course wandering through the mental anguish of when it would all just “work out”.

Eventually I wandered into exciting adventures and into the arms of a good man. Before I knew it all the good and bad experiences had turned the path of uncertainty into the arrow pointing me towards the next stage, part, role in my constantly transforming life as a woman.

I look back now and realise how important it was to wander. To feel the grind, grime and glee of wobbly knees trying to stabilise, so that I can walk tall as a woman on this journey.

I still find myself wandering some days.

I wander though daydreams and old memories.

Were you a wanderer too?

T x

P.s Guess what, my new book is coming out soon and will be ready for pre-order on the 8th of April. I am beyond excited to launch SHE: a collection of you, me, her.

Keep an eye out for a few sneak peeks.

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