First rule of book club…

When you do small things right, big things happen


The number one rule of book club: Always talk about book club.

I thought I would start small.

I would start a small book club in a small town.

There was nothing small about it.

The demand turned out to be big.

The amount of group members, big.

The first book club, big.

The wines, the laughs, the happiness; big, big, big.

There is nothing small about the connections the women in this tiny town keep making and working towards (you rock Roxby).

I’ve always wanted to start a book club but until now it just wasn’t my time. Between shift work, becoming a mum and numerous timetables; I couldn’t’ swing it.

My time has come. Turns out that I can swing two hours a month, on the last Sunday of each month (look at me, rich in time).

With the support of women that want to continue building relationships, expand their scope of conversation, get back into reading and of course sip wine and eat cheese, Fly In My Wine held her very first book club.

I’ve been a part of a book club that never had meets. It was run purely on a Facebook page and book club questions would be posted to the page.

I’ve been apart of a book club that never really had more than five members at the meeting each time, and less than half had ever read the book.

I’m still a part of a book club that is run via text message, between me and my two best friends from back “home”.

Each book club serves a different purpose for each member.

FIMW Book Club is fluid, informal and inclusive. For me, I want the connection. I want more reasons to propel me to finish more books.

I promote joining a book club for the social interaction, but if you actually start reading more books, massive bonus.

Have you found your “book club”?

T x

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