When was your last mental health day?

I took a mental health day today.

Yep, took the day off work to gather my thoughts and recalibrate.

No, the weekend wasn’t enough because I wasn’t alone a single minute of those two days.

Yes, I know it’s only Tuesday.

But I did it. I’m doing it.

Being the mouse on the wheel of work that runs and runs and runs to no end was getting a little monotonous.

I was becoming beyond frustrated, to just plain disappointed. What’s worse, I’ve noticed that instead of asking ‘why’, I’m instead shrugging my shoulders in acknowledgement of ‘this is just how it is’.

I’ve taken this mental health day because I am feeling just as much the problem, rather than someone who wants to find solutions.

Everything won’t be ok tomorrow. My workplace won’t be all peachy and all the problems of yesterday won’t suddenly be the solutions of tomorrow.

But I’ll feel better.

I’ll feel better because I took a mental health day.

I got up and went for a run in the peace and quiet of my home.

I caught up with a friend and talked about things that matter to us.

I made time to write.

I started reading a new book.

I stared into space.

And I feel better for it.

I called this day a mental health day; you might call it a sickie.

Call it whatever you like.

But take one regardless.

It doesn’t mean you have to cry in the shower (unless you want to).

It’s about recognizing when you need a moment to hear your own thoughts and put them in order of where they need to be. It’s about prioritizing you for you. And as I always say, in turn, your family and workplace benefits from your happiness.

When was your last mental health day?

T x

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