Toot your own horn

You know what I’ve noticed since being in my thirties? 

Less judgment. 

More cheering.

In the last year, I’ve started receiving some really beautiful private messages. Some from my best friends, some from new friends, and some from absolute strangers, all sharing with me how something I’ve said, or written, or done (I’m assuming scull wine), has in some way inspired them, or made them feel less alone, more real, imperfectly perfect.

I didn’t know I had this power. Nobody knows it about themselves until someone shares it with them, thanks them, or cheers for them.

Is this me tooting my own horn? ABSOLUTELY!

I’m sick of wasting time on feeling small, feeling like I have nothing to offer or that I can’t be the next big thing. 

When I receive messages from women being #allthethings , the path that has always seemed covered in overhanging trees and too dark to walk along, becomes clear and light and welcoming. 

I’ve only got this one life and I’m a very late bloomer when it comes to knowing where I belong or where my place is in the universe (yes universe, because I feel that small). But every message received makes me feel more connected, it plants my feet further into the earth, it colours my fins all the colours of the coral, and I am spurred on to keep doing the thing that makes me happy: loving, writing, laughing about life, drinking wine and parenting…in that order. 

Thank you to those that continue to let me know when I’m on the right track, that give me a shout out when I’ve inspired you in some way, because each time, you in turn, inspire me to keep moving forward.

Here’s to scooping flies and sipping wine, together.

T x

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