Running With Beasts

People see some amazing things when they go for their morning run. They see sunrises, fellow joggers, kangaroos, early birds, wild animals of all sorts, the world.

I spotted a couple of wild animals on my run this morning. As I trekked along the treadmill I came across a one-year-old who was leaving a pungent stench of poo across the house. I thought I might get lucky, maybe dad would get home from his morning run in the great outdoors, in time to demolish the stench. He did not.

Hazel was obviously starting to find her own smell a bit impolite, so she decided to climb on her table and turn the fan on, you know, good intentions to clear the air.

With my earphones on I mouthed to her to get off the table…so she backed up towards the wall and the table slid out from underneath her and she folded up like a poo sandwich, falling to the floor hurting her head. So a minor head injury and a poo combined was just enough to get me off the treadmill, scoop her up, change the poo, cuddle her, grab the iPad, plonk her back on the couch and get back to my run.

The scenery switched up as I came across a five-year-old standing in my direct line of sight, like a Deer stopped in the middle of the road, hypnotized by headlights. He was trying to do the velcro up on the back of his ninja turtle costume. He just stared at me, whining through his eyeballs. I insisted he wait until I was finished…he just stared at me, looking uncomfortable as he tried to attach the velcro himself.

We did this three times, for three separate costume changes. Lucky me, on my run, I got to stop and help a ninja turtle, Captain America, and sonic the hedgehog…for superheroes, they were pretty bloody useless this morning.

All in all, I got my morning run in. And I made it to work in time to sit for 30 seconds and stare blankly out the window and catch my breath. 

#allthethingsbefore 6:30am. It’s a bit much some days.😳

Did you spot anything exciting during your morning routine? Any Wild animals? 🦧

T x


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