*Publishing Journey Update*

🌟Publishing Journey Update🌟

Recently I had a small photo shoot for my author photo…you know, for my new book coming out soon 🙊.

After weeks of navigating and over analysing brand/audience/self image to prepare for the shoot, I managed to put aside my insecurities and nervousness, and enjoy the experience.

But it wasn’t without the help of a cheer squad. I kept telling myself “stop harping on about it Tiare, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a picture of you.” But the women around me continued to enforce the fact that, it is kind of a big deal. Even my mum is silently squealing about the phrase “author photo”.

Today was not a photo shoot for Fly In My Wine (that will be a doozy). It was a photoshoot for me, Tiare Snow the author. It was another piece of the publishing journey that made me feel shiny and present. It was a reminder that I’m actually doing something I’ve always wanted to do, be a supermodel (jokes)..(sort of). It’s all preparation to bring SHE: A collection of you, me, her, to you and your homes.

I’ll be buzzing off this day when I’m back in my oranges at work (buzz kill).

Tx (p.s..this is a selfie, not my Author photo)

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