On this day 12/01/20

📸 Photography courtesy of my 5 year old, Orlando.

Hubby at gym.
Hazel having her afternoon nap.
Orlando chilling with a movie.

Me? I’m working on my second book. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while (not starting my second book), but the theme. It’s still on the down low, and the very early stages. But what I can tell you, is it has a title (can’t tell you what it is though), and it will also be a coffee table book.

I really love the idea of creating coffee table books. I love the opportunity to collaborate with talented female artists that can paint, draw, photograph, and/or cartoon the imagery to complement my words. I love creating something that’s purpose is to avoid being on a bookshelf, and instead act as furniture or art in and around the home.

I’m passionate about writing truths short enough that women actually have time to stop and read them (because we’re all so frickin busy being #allthethings).

So here goes. This will be the photo I look back on and say, ‘I remember that afternoon. My son took that picture. I was writing down the title of my second book.’

Cheers to Sunday 🥂


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