Ditch, Dump, Delete…Repeat.

Ditch it, dump it, delete it.

If you find yourself reading a book, whether it be a hardcover jacket wearing and big publisher adorning book, or downloaded on your iPad or iPhone from iBooks (I just like the way that sounded), and it’s a bit crap, then ditch it!

Ditch it, dump it, delete it.

Just this morning my own mother threw a book in the bin, in the actual bin, at a café while she was out having breakfast on her one day off. She said she read the first few pages and it was rubbish, so she put it in the rubbish. Now, as you may know, my mum owns a bookstore, she isn’t in the business of throwing books away (don’t worry this book wasn’t from her shop).

My book club girls (should I say women?) struggle with this notion of not finishing something. When I hear it in their tone that they don’t love a book, or they are taking two months to read something that took me two weeks, I tell them to ditch it. And they struggle. This idea that we must finish what we started does not apply to something that should remain a pleasurable and relaxing experience. We don’t have time to be #allthethings and also finish rubbish books.

It’s 2020. If the thing in your life be it books, boyfriend or business is a bit shit…

Ditch it, dump it, delete it.

T x

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