Have you tapped into your virtual village?

Something really great happened to me last night. But this isn’t about that. This is about the virtual village, that in all honestly, I didn’t realise had grown so much. This is about the village of women that were there to virtually high five me, emoji cheers me, and just be there to see my message come through.

With my husband away, I was curled up on the couch with a bottle of red (it’s true) and watching the saddest tv show on Prime (no not Offspring. Yes, Offspring is the saddest TV show on TV, but it’s not even on Prime). Anyway, some good news dropped into my inbox (clearly the sender is in a different time zone), suddenly I was sitting on the couch begging for my tear ducts to let loose and provide me with some warm salty company. But nothing. I’m just not that way inclined.

My first port of call is always my husband and mum. I called my husband and we had (I had) a big ole spill my guts on the cool news, but I knew my old old old mum (punishment MUM, for not being available to me at 9pm (sorry mum) would be asleep…(she’s actually quite young, too young really. Now the whole tone of this post has changed). Anyway…

So I jumped onto my FB and I hit up every green light. I found my tribe. From the friends that I haven’t seen face to face in years but talk to daily on messenger, to the friends that I knew for five minutes but are now moving millions of miles away, to the woman that is actually my mums best friend and maybe I’ve only met a handful of times; our connections continue to grow, all thanks to social media.

We don’t all live in the suburb we grew up in. We don’t all stay in one spot or one town or even one country, sometimes we move so often that our footprint doesn’t have time to create a mark. So I’m pro the virtual village. Because tonight when I got good news I felt so alone on my couch, in my wine (yes, in it), until I reached out and my virtual world pulled me in and said ‘ Hey, you are awesome’.

And I felt it.

To that village, you know who you are. Thank you.

To all the women out there, mums with new bubs or women with new businesses or exciting news or even the sad stuff, don’t hide because you haven’t got someone beside you on the couch.

You have a world at your fingertips.

Your village is waiting.

T x

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