Late Entry NYE Resolution… Sequins or Spots?

I have a confession to make.

Those that have known me since forever and a day will most likely not be surprised by this. But I have a feeling there are a few new friends I’ve made in the tiny town of Roxby that exude creative flair and are fashion forward, that might be physically pained by this.

So here it goes.

I, Tiare, have never owned and still do not own any animal print or sequined items of clothing (shoes and bags included).

It’s true. I honestly just found this out about myself. I recently was searching for an outfit for an event I was going to be speaking at, and as I clicked on all the online shopping outlets I usually shop at, sequins were coming at me like a spinning disco ball, and I was liking it.

‘Sequins, huh, can I wear sequins?’ I jumped onto the event group chat, quickly shared a pic of some sequined pants I was eyeing off and oh my, within seconds the replies were coming in, “yassss”.

I would have thought that a sequined decision would take much longer (I mean really, they are sequined pants). The universe played its part and the pants were out of stock (another reason to assume that sequins are very wearable – I don’t know where all these people are that are wearing sequins, but I bet they are sick in love with their outfit right now), I digress, and so I didn’t buy the pants.

Now the animal print, I’m not going to lie, this choice was probably a little more conscious…I feel like ‘types’ of people wear animal print. Adventurous, outgoing, risk taking, fashion savvy socialites. I’m not really any of those things. But seeing the amazing women in town rocking these prints I’ve had to stop and ask myself, ‘Can I too rock such prints?’

This all might seem very unimportant, and compared to the world peace we will never achieve, Trump, and correctly figuring out which bin is the recycling bin and actually using it, my predicament is obviously a lonely close second.

Finding out this information about myself flagged a few things. One of them being that I most likely haven’t owned these spectacular wardrobe essentials because I didn’t think I could pull them off (figuratively, not literally). Basically I was basing my clothing choices around how people might judge me, instead of how I would feel about myself in them. Meanwhile I’m totally judging the people that wear animal print or sequins (or both); I’m judging them in a totally positive way. I want to high five them and stop them in the street and say, “Hey you, you are rocking those cute leopard print heels”, or, ‘You, wearing that sequinned vest on a Monday, who said you could do that’?

So I’ve decided to set myself a last minute 2019 New Year’s resolution (sneaking it in). It is my intention to bring in the new year of 2020 in sequins!!!!

I will most likely be sitting on my couch drinking wine and watching a movie with my husband, doubtful we will even make it to midnight. But regardless, I will be rocking some form of sequins (hopefully those pants I mentioned earlier).

I’m doing this for me. To create a change in myself before the big year of 2020 unfolds.

No doubt there will be women all over the planet wearing sequins on New Year’s Eve, and I’ll be one of them.

Will you?

P.s Please tag me in all awesome sequinned clothing…I’ve got no idea what I’m doing (insert face palm).

T x

1 Comment

  1. Create a hashtag! I do the animal print, but never really sequins! I’ll join you. FYI Peter Alexander can do sometimes sequinned PJ’ s for you couch NYE Party. Mine will be likely that too xx


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