NaNo Yes or NaNo No?

In full transparency, not that you asked, I am giving NaNoWriMo a try for the very first time. 

I’ve often steered away from signing up for a month of solid writing with the goal of completing a first draft of a novel. Why? (So glad you didn’t ask). 

For all the obvious reasons of course. The pressure, lack of time, not having a novel idea.l; all the fears that come with setting a goal (and there are lots…if you think like me).   

Turns out, like any challenge, NaNoWriMo holds you accountable (like you owe it your words). Rather than waking up everyday thinking, ‘shit, I still don’t have the perfect plot for the worlds next best seller’, I’m more like, ‘oh, gotta get my 1000 words down today.’

The mind set has changed. 

And even if at the end of November I’ve managed to write 40,000 words of absolute poo pie, all the big authors will tell you, every first draft is a poo pie. 

But 40,000 words is no small feat, (and might still not be achieved), but I’m waking up everyday trying to give it a go (it’s been three days) so I won’t big note myself just yet…(I’ll give it five days).

Even just these past three days I’ve felt a new excitement for writing. The hardest part about being a writer (or wanting to be one) is the actual writing part. Writing requires a few special ingredients; time being one of them. 

I harp on about making time, but that’s because when it comes to reading, I do make time, because reading is an enjoyable and relaxing gift to me. 

Writing, at times, can be like forcing a toddler to sleep in past 5am…very bloody hard. 

Making time for things that are actually more work, is far less inviting. 

But NaNoWriMo is forcing the uncomfortable out of me. I think I like it. 

Anyone else out there putting themselves through this rigorous torture of creativity?

Anyone at all?



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