Book Review-Hidden From View by Gill D. Anderson

I won a competition! The prize you ask. Was it a car? No. Was it a voucher for clothes that cost more than the value of the actual voucher (Instagram you know I’m talking to you)? No.

The prize was a book. But not just any book, a debut fiction novel, Hidden From View, by new Author, Gill D. Anderson. This prize didn’t just include a copy of her first publication, but also the opportunity to read something I probably wouldn’t normally pick off the shelf, an opportunity to dip my toe (just the one) into something a little more, raunchy.

Anderson did forewarn me that Hidden From View is not for the prudish (her words). Whilst this book is classified as a fiction and suspense novel, I wouldn’t hesitate to add erotica.When I say erotica, I mean this tale is not backwards in coming forwards when describing sexual acts in detail, and by sexual acts I mean fetishes including gerbils and doorknobs (not at the same time, obviously. Because that would be weird, right?)

To be honest it’s about a lot. Perhaps too much. The storyline was almost an example of six degrees of separation:  lives intertwining, often unknowingly. A book of sex, drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, sexual assault (on many levels), infidelity, intimacy, relationships of all kinds, this book covered many topics which kept it interesting if only for the sense of wondering what could possibly be next (insert suspense).

Towards the end I found myself becoming drawn to the story even more, each chapter crawling up the ladder of suspense and I give props for that.

Hidden From View definitely hit the nail on the head with a few double standards and made me laugh out loud in areas. There were also some really nice parts around communication in marriage, forgiveness, empowerment and the importance of reaching out and seeking help.

I’m not going to lie, I had to close one eye during some of the sexual assault scenes and often found myself angry or frustrated by what I was reading. But I am a big believer that feeling something is better than feeling nothing. Anderson definitely had me feeling something.

A recommended read for those wanting something totally new (a good book for the aeroplane even).


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