Book Review – The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

This book took a tragedy and used it to remind me that life is short and on its own timeline. 

The only control I have in this life is how I spend the precious time I have in it.

This book gave me closure. It resurfaced, reinterpreted and resolved a niggling little feeling that I’ve never quite been able to shake.

The young me, ached when Lucy ached.

The cautious me, was wary of Gabe the minute his name was introduced into the story.

Me now, the me that has had the big bang, the fizzlers and the fireworks, felt like I was falling in love with my husband all over again.

This book is about loss on many levels. It’s about the ‘what ifs’. It’s about the many layers of love, not just the over-romanticized type “love” written or shown in every other book or movie that us girls fall head over heels for and don’t understand when a ridiculously good looking vampire isn’t devouring our essence as though we were food. (You’ve seen twilight, right?). It’s not Bella and Edward (Twilight reference). It’s you and me (not a twilight reference).

Santopolo redefines the importance of chasing our own dreams, pointing out that sacrifices will be met whether you do or don’t. She points out that you can love many different people throughout your lifetime and in many different ways.

Once I picked up The light we lost, I didn’t put it down. I stayed up late all week and when it finished, I was left wanting. I wanted a few things answered. In hindsight, they probably aren’t that important, and being left wanting isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially for the Author. Santopolo kept me hooked and kept me wanting more. Well done. 

Totally recommend this book to anyone who is still wondering, what if.  To anyone who thinks they will never love again.  To anyone who has been burned, and yet wants to be reignited.

Loved it.







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