Wish List – Mothers Day Pt 1

I’d just like to say……

I’m torn between “thinking” I want to spend mothers day fluffing around my husband and children in some new funky self exploration free play park with a coffee in one hand and a camera in the other, living Kodak moments or, showering so that I can get dressed in my requested gift of new winter pyjamas and sending the family on their own merry little way while I crawl back into bed to finish reading a book, dozing in and out of consciousness only to wake around midday to pour myself a champagne and await their return. The choice seems obvious, blatantly BAM in your face obvious. I’ll miss them if I send them away, but not enough to not send them away. I’ll think about them nonstop, until I do stop. I’ll wonder if they’re thinking about me, which they most certainly will be, because they love me.

I define Mothers day as the day to celebrate all that a mother does and it should be up to the mother to decide how that celebration should operate. But still I’m torn, because I want it all. I want to wear my snuggly new winter pyjamas in the park with champagne in hand, watching my children frolic without having to actually answer to them as they say Mummy, Mummy and Mummy. I want to fall asleep under the sun on a picnic blanket and wake up to chocolate-coated strawberries while the husband packs two sleeping children in the car for a quiet journey home. (Not just any two kids, our kids.)

Forever wanting it all, only to consider that perhaps I already have it all. It feels like mothers day every time Orlando says ‘I love you forever ever ’, it feels like mothers day every time Hazel sleeps four or more hours and it feels like mothers day every time my husbands tells me what a good mother I am.

But I still expect champagne and pyjamas…it is Mothers day after all.





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