Advertising Ass

She was looking forward to the new body she was sculpting. It was going to be leaner, longer, fitter and stronger. Every morning she walked into the gym buzzing on pre workout supplements, head held high, eyes staring through the men that make up the majority. She takes out her water bottle, puts her earphones in, turns the music up loud and then gets into that glamorous workout position that looks like she is promoting advertising space in and around her ass.

The squat, the hamstring curl, the downward dog all require an ass up in the air position, replicating what her dog does when he is presenting himself to her. Then working on her upper body is just an opportunity to poke her breasts out to the entire room: she tries to see how many glaring eyeballs she can poke out with her nipples. Pow Pow.

Meanwhile, as she faces the mirror and sees the remainder of the gym working out in the background, she sees men lifting weights, doing push ups, using the squat rack and not a single one of them seem to be advertising anything. At no point is any man doing an exercise that makes her look at their groin, ass or chest. She is drawn to their large arms that don’t match their skinny legs and this in turn has her questioning their logic and their body goals. She becomes automatically turned off because they must be idiots to not want to be in proportion. And she has no interest in idiots. Then her mind wanders to more interesting topics.

She can bet that no man is looking at her arms that just so happen to be in proportion with her legs. And they definitely aren’t looking at her eyes. Perhaps, in their defence, they are looking through her the way she does them. But she bets she could make a pretty penny by writing ‘Advertising space for sale’ on her shirt across her breasts and her pants across her ass cheeks.

This does not stop her from going back to the gym every morning. She tells her self that men and women were not created equally and neither was exercise positions.

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