Image by: Deviant Art
Image by: Deviant Art

There is this fear that there isn’t enough time. Not enough time to slow down, to take pause, to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to start over, to go back, to try something new. We are so busy trying to do what is “right”, often by other people, that by the time it gets to ourselves, the hourglass seems to have run out.

But there is time. Time has not changed, it has not become more or less; it has become divided unequally among our “priorities”. I tell myself I don’t have time to have a hobby, a personal interest or a love outside of my realm. I tell myself that when I’m not at work, I should ensure that my family is provided the time they need for the things that they love. I tell myself I should spend more time with my son, pay more attention to the house, ensure my husband is getting the time that he needs for the things that are important to him. The amount of time in a day has not changed; I just divide it unequally among my “priorities”.

I have to create my own time. Time will not recreate itself for me. I have to add my hobby, my personal interest to my list of priorities because of the way it makes me feel when I’m doing it. I have to acknowledge the love I have for the creativity inside of me and let it stand alongside the other loves of my life: my family. When I do this, time becomes available to me.

If I make me a priority, then time will make me a priority.

One Reply to “Time”

  1. I constantly strive to balance my time. It is a juggling act. It is always good to get reminders, that we need to make time for ourselves and our dreams, or we will wake one day to find, we really have no more time.

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