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She didn’t know how to be; so she never was.

In an age where inspiration is pouring out of teenagers that are building engines from scratch, purifying water and creating electricity, I have to ask myself, was I lost in a blip in my generation?

I look either side of me and see amazing creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness; I see vision. I see young women becoming figureheads for movements that I thought I was the only one passionate about. I now realize that what I was experiencing wasn’t passion at all; it was just a thought. A similar side thought along with all of the other thoughts that are created in a day from the media washing machine that we are spun in. Passion would have been taking that thought and turning it into a conversation, into action and then hopefully change.

I see young women living the life I only just realized I’ve wanted all along. Did I lose my way? Was I left blindfolded in the middle of the forest of no direction? What was so different in our lives that these other people were able to collect themselves and plant their feet so gracefully on a path of success, while I’m still only now figuring out which pieces of me I don’t yet have?

While I crumble at an age still classified as young, it’s as though I have run out of time. My ideas have been done; Thoughts have been turned into conversations, becoming actions and hopefully I will still be here to see the change.

Now the pieces that I’m gathering up seem used and unimportant, they no longer look like they are mine at all. Somebody else has already completed their life jigsaw puzzle, and they’ve taken all my corner pieces; now I’m just misshaped and flimsy.



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