Fly In My Wine – The Journey

To be fair towards the blog and give credit where it is due, I have to admit that my blog somehow created itself. It was a very organic journey. I went in with an idea that very quickly was shafted by the blog itself and now it is how you see it.

At the time of its’ making I was full of roaring emotions about the world and myself. I wanted to create an online version of an image I had in my mind of sitting at a table with strangers in a faraway land, eating cheese, sipping wine and talking over each other. I envisioned anecdotes, ideas, questions, assumptions and all other life altering chatter that would have me walking away filled to the brim with satisfaction that I wasn’t alone: That I wasn’t swimming in this anxiety, brought on by this big world, all alone.

Turns out I’m somewhat of a people person, the questions and ideas float better with a physical being in front of me. So the blog started to grow from anxiety driven posts into creative writing about SHE.

Sometimes SHE was me, but a lot of the time SHE was her or you or them.

Now when you find yourself at Flyinmywine you will find vignettes and prose that dance around a woman that depending on the day is a version of you, her or I.

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