Vulnerability was growing on her; a softer, translucent aura knocking down the cage of shame and fear. She replaced the word unnecessary with understandable, she held out her hand rather than waiting for it to be taken, she whispered mantras into her sons ear, giving him the space and opportunity to explore his own desires and go for them without judgement from himself but carrying with him the worthiness that envelopes his soul.

She took a step back so that she could take a step forward. She accepted the time that had been lost and moved into a time that is now. And she changed.

5 Replies to “Change”

      1. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but new to this blogging stuff.. the piece you wrote was by far my favorite. My page has to do with my own changed, you should check it out!

      2. It took me a while to find my blogging feet. My blog turned out nothing like I had originally planned, taking on its own structure. Just do what makes you feel good.

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