Evolution has escaped me. I’ve had my child. I’ve completed my so-called “duty” as a woman. Yet, as my child lay restless on my chest while his teeth try to escape from his gums, as the fatigue sets in from sleepless nights and I grow weary in the hour that is still late rather than early, my uterus pipes up and proclaims that if I were ever to have a second child now would be the time.

Perhaps long ago I was a fish, but evolution gave me legs for land. Maybe I was an Ape, and evolution helped me stand tall and shave. But now I am a woman, from many generations gone, and I have produced, so where is evolution when I need more time, more money and more sleep. It lingers quietly in the corner whispering sweet nothings to my uterus.

It might be two against one, but I challenge both evolution and my uterus to a duel!

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