One day he would find in the internet, books, TV and strangers exactly what it was that he loved in her. At present she relied, but did not take for granted, the absolute honesty and desire his love had for her. She did not question his heart and never fell into the well of man made feelings such as jealousy, because it was all just so ridiculous. He was not her Adonis he was the Adonis. He was the alpha species, the one, the only product of a new evolution. She felt so deeply about his presence that when he proclaimed there was no God, she wondered if perhaps there was a God and it was he. Not in the sense that we know but in the idea of a man. A man that believes in change from the people of today.

She would listen to him day in and day out. She had such fire in her belly that she could hardly let him finish his sentences because she was so motivated and inspired by his missions.

As time went by she realized her only true weapon, as a woman, was not enough to keep him inspired. He was captured by technology and all that he could learn and divulge. Soon enough he too would realize that she had returned from work hours before he had noticed, had not heard her hello, did not notice she cooked dinner in her underwear, had spent an hour doing her hair and went to bed naked.

She could not keep up. He was evolving at a rate that kept her chasing dinosaurs. She wanted to run beside him but he no longer held out his hand but rather questioned her worthiness. He would out grow her as she had others. She would find herself enlightened and alone.

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