Light Bulb Moment

It was not a dream. It was a light switch that turned on while I slept. As the light shone I saw myself returning an item to its rightful owner. An item I had come upon by accident. At first I took pause, and asked myself if I should not keep the beautiful item, it was through no fault of my own that I had come to receive it. This thought seemed ridiculous and without rationality before it had even ended. Returning it was the right thing to do.

On the journey to returning this item, I did however, wonder whom I would tell of my good deed. This type of act was surely reason enough for a pat on the back, a few kind and reassuring words of praise? I returned the item, which was of course well received. I felt proud. I told myself I had acted respectfully not only to those who rightfully owned the item, but to myself. With that the light bulb exploded and my eyes shot open. Within that moment I realised that I am enough. I am enough of a person to appreciate my own actions and know unequivocally that they come from a place of truth. I am enough of a person to say thank you to myself and still feel recognised.

I am enough.

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