Don’t ask, don’t get

I had taken it upon myself to assume whole heartedly that his silence was a formed opinion. To me his silence was obvious, blunt and practically screaming in my face. Despite that no question had been asked, there had also been no mention made where it seemed only natural that one would commence.

I often start to stutter out a hint for his acknowledgement but quickly retrieve my tongue in fear of having to then decipher through lies told to spare my feelings or even worse, hear the truth. My uncertainties keep me in the dark, never to know what possible light is waiting for me: never knowing what doors could be unlocked from possible truths.

I fear that when the engine of aptitude was pairing people with purpose, it ran out of puff as I held out my hands. Now I watch the ones before me walking their paths and as I try to follow, the ground turns grey beneath my feet and I am reminded that I have no path.

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