I could see her falling into his smile. No safety net would ever catch the abrupt landing that awaited her. I could foresee the broken heart, the late night tears and the lost moments that would steal a year of her life, at best.

I tried to tell her a story, a story about a girl with a broken heart. She waved my words away with a smile but at the edge of her kiss hung the hook of doubt. She had to write her own story, travel her own path.

Her present brings back my past and I shudder at history repeating itself.

One Reply to “Nineteen”

  1. When I was nineteen, I fell so madly in love I thought my life would be over if I could not be with this man. Well in the end we were not destined to be and I have gone on to love just as deeply but always differently as age and time have taught me a few lessons about what I was willing to sacrifice for love. I have learnt that just because you have loved someone does not mean you should be with them.
    I do not think feeling love like that is ever a waste of time. It is part of who you become and what you believe. That man I loved so much at nineteen is the reason you are here. And that most certainly was one of the most wonderful things that could have happened to me. Happy Birthday

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