Lazy Phone

I hate talking on the phone. I would rather write a ten-page letter, a postcard, a Christmas card, email or a ridiculously long text. I can blame that on my Mum. I remember back in the house phone days, each time the phone would ring my mum would roll her eyes back and with an unwelcoming tone manage to sigh out the word “Hello?” like it was a question of why not who. She was not shy in letting people know how much she disdained talking on the phone and still to this day if I manage to catch her off guard and she doesn’t realise it’s me that is calling, I too receive the almighty sigh.

However, what I have come to realise is that it is not actually the talking that I don’t like. Strangely enough it is the feeling of having to do something. It’s almost like a chore pressing the little green speak button and putting the palm sized device to my ear, menacing.

And don’t even try leaving a message on voicemail. There is no way I am going out of my way to call a message service to listen to a message about having to call you back!

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