Broccoli Of My Generation

Are books the broccoli of my generation? Great for the mind but don’t look as good as pizza? E-books being the pizza, I think?

My children will be eating broccoli. They will be able to open the fridge and see the thick bright green stems through the plastic bag in the crisper. They will be able to scrunch their noses at it when they see me preparing it for dinner. They can poke it and feel the tree like bits with their fingers and they will be able to form their own opinions of it when they eat it. But they will eat it.

My children will read books, the paper kind. They will be able to stand at the bookshelf and see the different colours and designs of books spines. They will be able to pull each book and scrunch their noses up at the blurbs that don’t interest them, smile at the ones that do and of course judge the book by it’s cover. They will feel the crisp of the new pages and dust of the old as they browse life’s mysteries with their fingertips.

When it comes to the classics, fairy tales and history of all sorts they will not feel the click of a button or the smooth sensation of their finger sliding over an I-pad.

My children will have the broccoli of my generation.

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