Listen and learn?

Sometimes I wonder if I am incapable of learning. In one ear out the other. Now you see it now you don’t. “Listen and learn” they say. Maybe that is where I’m going wrong. I don’t listen. Well that is probably true. I can’t say I am much of a listener, more a talker. So if I’m not learning because I am doing all the talking, then hopefully someone is learning something from me.

5 Replies to “Listen and learn?”

  1. Very insightful writings. I can really feel where you are coming from. Journalising one’s feelings and brain processes really help to clearly find the answers. Look forward to reading more as you progress.

  2. Yes people always learn things from each other that’s what communication is all about but I’m the type of person that has to learn from my own mistakes live life and learn and don’t be affected by toxicity

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